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December 2, 2009
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Ben and Gwen_Alien forms by LadyDukemonX Ben and Gwen_Alien forms by LadyDukemonX
ALERT! CousinxCousin is incest. Xo

Pernosally I hate those topics!! But... hehehehe
I have been watching some episodes about Ben 10 and when Ben and Gwen show affection and friendship and then... Ben cryes just one ocassion: In the movie when he thinks Gwen has died but then he saw Gwen is alive in the final battle against Vilgax XO :D Ben cryed !! Awwwwwwwww!! My little one!!

In the new show: Ben 10 Alien Force, Ben and Gwen are good cousins and friends and that but... GwenxKevin??!! xo NOOOOOOOO!!! :XP:

In the begining, just 3 or 4 episodes after, Gwen always runs to help Kevin and not Ben!! What the hell?! Sometimes is as Ben doesn´t existed when they are together XP

Well, I got an idea after I saw a funny video too. I t was a video about BenxGwen in love.

Anyway, I created this drawing for Ben and Gwen based in my own story XDXD.

*"Why BEN is ALIEN X?"

Simple: ALIEN X is soooooo gorgeous!!!!! *o* :D

Because... Serena is LOVE and hehehehe if Ben loves Gwen, and if he gets convinced Gwen that his love is very real and strong, Serena will allowe AlienX/Ben can take Gwen life his girlfriend.

And Bellicus is Rage and negatives feelings but... If Ben loves Gwen tahat would broke a natural rule and it would produce confussion, sorprise and... fury hahaha
Kevin will become carzy and Bellicus (and me :XD:) would enjoy looking him totally furious, angry, sad, depressed hahaha :D :XD:

* Alien X can change everything in the universe... and that mean Ben could takes Gwen like his girlfriend despite she is his cousin. O_O!

Gwen is in her Anodite form because... I dont know... I liked the idea AlienxAlien hahahahaha :D :XD:
But well, I was going to draw her in her normal form (human) but I need to practice more in her face XP, so I drew her like Anodite and...
This drawing would be part of my crazy idea XP

I understand I didn`t get put the correct color to Gwen´s body but... I drew and painted by hand! I couldn´t get the correct colors XP

* NOTE: "BEN/ALIEN X and GWEN(Anodite form) were made by hand!.. They both were drawings and painted by hand by me!"

"I just used photoshop to put a nice background and some effects."

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Great art! :w00t:

Totally agree with you creative inspiration and thinking of this,

Perhaps the human type is illegal for cousins love,

But the alien may be different... oh my... :love:

X man's eyes are very soulful, beautiful! :)
Wow this is beautiful *drools*
ili137 Sep 7, 2010  Student Photographer
Well u'r welcome :love: ~~ ... i love u'r work a lot :meow: !!!!!! .....
ili137 Sep 3, 2010  Student Photographer
meow :33 ~!! ....
Finny-KunGoddess Jan 4, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You welcome. Me too
Thank you hehehe :) I love Ben 10 :D
Finny-KunGoddess Jan 2, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*dies from the All Mighty Awesomeness* :tombstone:
Se me olvidaba decirte que eres como mi hermana mayor xD !Y quiero ver tu OC Transformer ya!!!!! Esto no pinta con el dibujo pero quería decirtelo XD me da flojera escribirlo en el portal de tu DA o enviartelo por correo xD.
Yo odio tambien la relacion GwenxKevin. Osea... ¡¿Que rayos pasó, Se dejaron llevar los escritores por una idea burlesca?!
Si suando eran niños Kevin solo pensaba vengarse de Ben y para tenr solo 11 años era practicamente diabolico.
¡Y es más que obvio que a Gwen ni la miraba! Osea, solo eran niños viviendo aventuras cada uno por su lado.

Ben y Gwen se peleaban más como hermnaos que como primos pero cuando mostraban cariño y preocupacion el uno por el otro aligal q su abuelo se resaltaba el "amor".

Vi la pelñicula en real life: Race against time/Carrera contra el tiempo, y aunque no entendi bien quien era ese alien malvado que se apodera de Bne si vi la escena donde Gwen le enfrenta y le ruega que reaccione y le confiesa que confia en el porque lo quiere... auqneu las palabras exactas que usó fueron: "Te amo"

Y creo que casi llora O_o! Bueno menos mal gracias a ella Ben reaccionó y volvió en si jejeje

Supongo que es otra razon por la que lso juntan. Y vi antes la peli animda: El secreto del Omnitrix.
Hheheh Tetrax dejo ver su lado un tanto amigero y gracioso jijiji :D Y que decir que es reguapo!!! AwWWWW!!! *o*

Fue memorable ver como Ben corre a abrazar a Gwen llorando de alegria. ¡Creo que se ven lindos juntos!

Si mi padre me oye diciendo esto o viendo lo que dibuj sobre ellos me mata XP

Como sea, algunos primos se casan si es que son lejanos y no viven juntos creo. Pero como Ben y Gwen son en la serie primos hermanos eso equivaldria a Incesto :XO:

Yo he estaod pensando en una historia loca para ellos 2 mas que nada con el inicio de Ben 10 alien force donde practicamente Kevin le esta robando a su prima a Ben.

Yo voy a usar eso como motivo de celos y dolor secretos de Ben y cuando Gwen se de cuenta de que su primo la ama más de o que cree voy a poner en jaque mate a Kevin jajajajajaja

Este dibujo seria parte de una escena que me gusta cranear en mi cerebro XD :D

Thansk a lot for commenting! GRACIAS POR MIL!!!

Me alegra tanto tu opinion y que no te paresca demente mi dibujo XP

PD: Alien force esta ganando el Votatoon jejeje
Thank you very much!! ^///^ I wasn´t sure about uploading my drawing because... you know: Cousinxcousin? XD
But at end I said: "What the hell!" There are videos and several fanarts when Ben loves Gwen and that XP
I love Alien X!! He is soooo sexy and mysterious! I wanted to know more about him!! Oh well, I hope the show gives a new episode about him :D

And, Alien X has all the power to change the normal way of life so... Ben could takes Gwen if he can! XDXD
This is just an idea... I´m not sure if I could upload it one day XP

But I´m going to work in a crossover about a comic where Ben, Gwen and Kevin fight in different team Oo!

Uhmmmm Making love... XP ^////////^

Maybe... If I have time I will do it hehehe Thanks a lot for your nice comment!!
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